Singapore Property

Singapore has always been oriented towards a free economy also is a one of the most important financial and trade hub in Asia. Due to their stable political situation and well economic development of Singapore, its known as the safest city in the Asia-Pacific region and a country with an AAA credit rating. In addition, Singapore also is a regional education hub in Asia. Therefore, domestic and overseas investors are interested of property investment in Singapore.


The types of housing in Singapore mainly included second-hand flat by government-funded (HDB) and private apartments (Condo). HDB only accepts local national to buy, while Condo allows local and foreign buyer. Among the government housing in Singapore, there is another type of residential apartment which called Executive Condominium, it is a jointly developers by the government and private real estate developers. The property selling price is more expensive than HDB, but the facilities are more complete, it similar to private apartments. If the building age more than 10-year, it to be courted as private apartment and allowed to be purchased by foreigners.


For purchase private apartment, there are no restriction on their identity and building age in general. The private local apartment market has always maintained its upward momentum. Coupled with a favourable economic outlook, first-hand private property demand and it leasing is expected to increase continuously. Coupled with the re-open of Singapore's border, many companies has hire more professional foreigner to work in Singapore. It provides supporting on the property rental market in this year (2022). In addition, the international students returns to Singapore, it also drive rental demand.


Private apartment rents in Singapore’s real estate market have risen sharply from the second half of 2021, increased by 9.9% in total in this year.



District 10

Singapore with stable development, it formed low risk investment on real estate market so that it often in popular for long-term investment to investors. If you want to buy a property for investment purposes, among the 28 districts in Singapore, you can choose the downtown in District 10 as its the wealthy district of Singapore. The district has always been favored by investors and with excellence schools' network.

One Holland Village

District 10, Singapore

One Holland Village 2